Have you been looking for the right frame style for your prescription glasses? Or maybe you are looking to buy stylish sunglasses? In both cases, finding the right glass frame can be difficult considering the wide choice available on the market. 

However, finding the right men’s designer glasses frames has become easier than ever. There are a few men’s glass frame trends that are timeless and have been popular in 2022. These frame styles will surely stay relevant and trendy in the upcoming year too. 

So, you might want to take a look at the following 5 fashionable men’s designer glass frames. 

  • Beige or Grey Frames

Have you been wearing glasses for a while? If so, you might have a few old black frames lying around. But what about stepping away from the mundane black and opting for beige or grey frames? 

clear frames

These frames add a pop of colour without being too much. Now, you must understand that beige or grey frames will fall between the range of full black to clear frames. So, choose a shade of beige or grey that doesn’t contrast with the outfits you usually wear. 

And the good news is these frames suit most complexions. 

  • Clear Frames

One of the major glass frame trends that have taken over men’s glass frames is clear frames. We have seen many guys wearing mens clear frame glasses in 2022, and we will see this glass frame trend in the upcoming year. 

Clear frames offer a minimal look to the face and go well with every outfit. If you want to choose a larger or bigger shape, you can choose clear glass frames. Despite being larger or bolder in shape, clear frames will offer a minimal look. 

  • Black Frames

Sported by celebrities like Jay-Z, Colin Firth, Kit Harrington, and more, black frames are classic and timeless. This type of glass frame is best for an oval face shape. This face shape has high cheekbones and black-rimmed frames to balance out the long face shape. 

Wear black glass frames with a full black ensemble and look confident and smart. 

  • Tortoiseshell Glass Frames

Don’t worry, these glass frames aren’t made out of real tortoiseshells! They just look like a tortoiseshell. They are made out of high-grade acetate, just like any other glass frame. 

However, these glass frames are perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with glass frames but doesn’t want to look too loud. Tortoiseshell glass frames are a combination of brown, black, gold, or beige colour. This type of glass frame has a marbled look, providing a pop of colour. 

But don’t be afraid! Tortoiseshell glass frames go perfectly with any styled outfit. Tortoiseshell glass frames are sure to turn heads! 


  • Aviators

We need to have aviators on this list! Started as an accessory for pilots that allows them to see in bright sunlight, it has seamlessly integrated with civilian fashion style too. 

With wide top and narrow bottom, aviators are fit for almost all face shapes. And no matter your style, aviators will sit perfectly on your face enhancing the overall look. 

Bottom Line

Glass frame trends keep evolving. However, these 5 glass frame styles are timeless and never go out of style. 

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