Have you heard about people wearing night-driving glasses? Are you thinking of buying night driving glasses for yourself? If so, you might want to read this article before you make your purchase. 

In this blog post, we will answer the most critical question regarding using night driving glasses, “Are night driving glasses help or hoax?” But first, let’s see what night driving glasses are and what the research says about using these glasses. 

Night Driving Glasses: What are They?

These glasses are non-prescription eye glasses Edmonton with yellow-tinted lenses. These lenses might have an anti-reflective coating that prevents the glare from oncoming headlights and street lights while driving at night. 

night vision glasses

If you have previously seen shooting glasses (sporting eyewear), you might have seen the same yellow-tinted glasses used in those glasses. It helps the player create a contrast of objects while playing the sport. Night-driving glasses may have a similar type of tinted lenses that help create contrast while driving at night. 

Are Night Driving Glasses a Good Idea?

As mentioned above, night driving glasses have yellow-tinted lenses, which create a contrast between objects. Now, this might not be beneficial during the night. Although the contrast will help greatly during the day, it might not be so helpful in low-light conditions. 

Yellow-tinted lenses prevent the entry of high-energy visible blue light (HEV) during the daytime, reducing the glare in vision. A similar effect, in fact, a more intense effect, can be experienced with copper or amber-tinted lenses. 

However, these lenses also reduce the entry of overall light into the eye. This can be detrimental during the night-time when you need maximum visibility. 

Is There Any Research Done Regarding Using Night Driving Glasses?

Yes, there is! A recent research study conducted at Harvard’s Schepens Eye Research Institute (JAMA Ophthalmol. 2019;137(10):1147-1153. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2019.2893) studied the effect of using night driving glasses. 

The study included 22 participants. They were provided night driving glasses and asked to drive in the night mode in a driving simulator. They also drove when the headlight glare simulator was activated and when it wasn’t activated. 

The research measured the response time of each participant for identifying a pedestrian walking in the simulator. This is what they observed. 

  • The night driving glasses didn’t improve the ability of participants to identify pedestrian walking at night. 
  • The night driving glasses also didn’t improve the negative effect of headlight glare when identifying a pedestrian walking at night. 

The research concluded that wearing yellow-tinted eye glasses Calgary didn’t improve the ability of the driver to identify pedestrians at night. In fact, it might have reduced the ability of the driver to see clearly. However, the authors also suggest the results were not statistically significant, and the research must be done on a larger pool of people. 

But the authors made their stance clear by saying that the results don’t appear to support the eye care professional advising people to wear yellow-tinted glasses while driving at night. 

night vision glasses

So, Are Night Driving Glasses a Help or a Hoax?

Well, that’s still debatable! On the one hand, the research isn’t conclusive; on the other hand, several people are using night driving glasses for safer driving. 

But you must get a comprehensive eye exam before you buy night driving glasses. Moreover, if you don’t have any vision issues, you must not wear any glasses while driving in night. 

Our experts suggest that if you have a prescription and are adamant about buying night driving glasses, you can go for clear glasses with anti-reflective coating. These glasses will let 100% of visible light enter your eyes while reflecting the glare coming from street lights and headlights. 

You will also be able to focus on the road properly as they will be made to an individual prescription. 

Wrap it Up

Night-driving glasses seem like a good option to wear in the night-time while driving on the road. However, they might not be as beneficial as you might have heard or thought. People who don’t have any vision problems mustn’t wear any glasses. However, people with vision issues must wear prescription glasses with anti-reflective coating. 

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