Have you been searching for the right pair of eye glasses Edmonton? Are you confused about where to find the best eyeglasses that suit your face shape? Everyone has a different face shape, and you should look for eyeglasses that complement yours. You can visit UV Boutique right here to find the eyeglasses that best suit your face shape. We ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for all customers every time.

Choosing eye glasses Edmonton takes work. But when you understand how to choose them according to your face shape, it will become quite simple.

eye glasses Edmonton

Square Face Shape 

If you have a square face shape, you should look for glasses with a rounder frame as this will help soften your angular features. You should choose a thin frame that will not feel heavy. The width of the frame should also be more than that of your cheekbones. 

Round Face Shape 

The round face shape has smooth lines and soft curves. Your cheeks may be full, and your chin will also appear rounded. So, to sharpen those soft features, you can add a rectangular frame to it. Eye glasses Edmonton with angular lines will suit best to a round face. These frames will add definition to your face and will also add some contrast to the facial structure you have.

Heart Face Shape 

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should ensure to get eyeglasses that have a little more width than your forehead. Apart from this, you should ensure to get frames with some kind of detailing on the lower portion. The best options for such a face shape will be aviator frames, rectangular frames, oval or round frames, etc.

eye glasses Edmonton

Triangle Face Shape 

If you have a triangle face, you should choose a frame with some kind of detailing on the upper portion. The width should also be a little wider than your jawline so that it can look balanced. Some frames that will look great with such a face shape will be cat eye glasses Edmonton, aviators, and much more. These face shapes are wider on the bottom and narrow on the top.

So, it will help if you looked for glasses that can help you balance your face. Apart from this, there are various other face shapes, such as oval face shape, diamond face shape, and much more.

If you wish to choose the best eye glasses Edmonton for your face shape, you should check out our website here at UV Boutique. On this website, you can find the right glasses that would cater to the needs and requirements of your eyeglasses. 

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