Looking younger than your actual age is one of the things women strive to achieve in their looks. And with the right clothing items, style, and fashion accessories, this look can be achieved effortlessly. However, most women forget one of the most critical elements that can make them instantly look younger. And that is trendy womens glasses Canada!

Yes, that’s right! Eye glasses with the right frames can make you look younger than your actual age. However, you need to ensure you choose the right type of frame for your face shape. 

Knowing your face shape is the first step in choosing the right frame. Whether your face shape is round, oval, square, diamond, or oblong, the right glass frames can make all the difference. 

Eye Glass Frames That Make You Look Younger

Once you know your face shape, you can choose from the following eye glass frames to get a youthful and bright look. 

  • Oversized Frames
  • Oversized eye glass frames are highly popular these days. And for the right reasons! Oversized frames help you hide certain features that make you look older than you actually are. Hence, when you want to achieve a younger look, oversized frames can be a good choice. 

    If you have a round, oblong, or oval face shape, oversized eye glass frames are perfect for you. 

  • Cat Eye Glass Frames
  • This list is incomplete without mentioning the timeless cat eye glasses Toronto frames. These frames have never gone out of trend and rightly so! Popularized by several Hollywood actresses, cat eye glass frames are still relevant. These frames offer your face a softer look and hide certain aging features. Moreover, cat eye glasses help you highlight your cheekbones enhancing your youthful look. 

    Cat eye glass frames are the best for round, oval, oblong, and diamond face shapes. 

  • Round Frames
  • If you have a round face, we suggest you stay away from round frames. But if you have a square or diamond face shape, round frames can do wonders for your face and make you look younger easily. 

    Round frames will help you provide a softer edge to your face by smoothening your edges. And this can instantly make you look younger.

  • Coloured Frames
  • Next time when you are choosing eye glass frames for yourself, make sure to check out coloured frames. With the right coloured frames, you can get a youthful look in no time. For example, brown, berry, burgundies, and jewel-coloured frames are great for men and women who are older. 

    coloured eyeglass frame

    If you are choosing black, go for thicker frames to give yourself a younger look. Another coloured frame you can choose is blue glass frames. 

    Wrapping it Up

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    March 29, 2023 — UV Boutique