Are you looking to buy prescription eye glasses Toronto? Or maybe you want to switch to using eyeglasses because contact lenses bother you? In any case, knowing the different kinds of lenses available online will be beneficial to make the right choice.  

Eye Glasses Toronto

At UV Boutique, we work with different types of lenses for prescription eye glasses Toronto. Over the years, we have seen massive development in the types of lenses available on the market. We asked our team of experienced opticians to give a quick rundown on the different lenses available.

Types Based on Material

Based on the type of material used, there are different lenses for prescription eye glasses Toronto

  • Trivex: Made with newer and improved plastic, Trivex lenses are thin and lightweight. They are also impact-resistant. 
  • Polycarbonate: If you play sports, prescription glasses with polycarbonate lenses will be a good choice. They are impact-resistant and offer UV protection. 
  • Aspheric: If you need flatter and thinner lenses for your prescription eyeglasses, using aspheric lenses will be the right choice. Since they have a wide degree of curvature, you can use a larger surface. 
  • High-Index Plastic: Gone are the days when you had to use heavier and thicker lenses for a strong prescription. Now, with high-index plastic lenses, you can get thinner and lighter prescription eye glasses Toronto.
  • Polarized Lenses: If you drive or play water sports, you can use polarized lenses. This will reduce the glare produced by bright light. This can reduce glare from water surfaces and vehicle lights. 
  • Photochromic: These are either made of plastic or glass. However, in both cases, they will get tinted when exposed to sunlight. These are good for people who don’t want to invest in separate sunglasses but rather keep using their prescription glasses only.  

Eye Glasses Toronto

Types based on focal points

Apart from lenses based on material, there are lenses based on the number of focal points they contain. 

  • Bifocals: People over the age of 40 usually suffer from presbyopia. For them, bifocal lenses are used. You can see focal lenses for distant and near vision separated by a line. The upper is distant vision, and the lower lens is near vision. 
  • Trifocals: This type of lens has three focal points. Bifocal points and a third focal point allow you to see objects at arm’s length. 

If you want to buy these lenses for your prescription eye glasses Toronto, you can check them out here on our online store. At UV Boutique, we provide expert advice and a wide range of eyeglasses for men, women, and kids. 

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