For most women, accessories are critical to enhancing their looks. One of the most important accessories to have is womens glasses Canada. With the right glasses, any woman can make a style statement that no one will forget. 

Womens Glasses Canada

At UV Boutique, we understand the need for the right frames for womens glasses Canada. We have a wide range of frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses for women, men, and kids. And our experts have given a quick overview of different frames that will suit women with different face shapes. 

Square Face Shape

With a square face, you might have sharper features such as a sharp jawline or chin. In this case, you need to add softness to the face. You can choose oval or round frames for womens glasses Canada. This way you can make your face look thinner. Don’t choose square or boxy frames to avoid a bulky appearance. 

Round Face Shape

With a round face, you have more softness on your face. In this case, you need to add some sharpness and angles. You can choose square frames or cat-eyed frames to add missing sharpness to your face. Your face also looks longer and thinner. Avoid rimless or round frames. 

Diamond Face Shape

A narrow chin and forehead along with sharper features are characteristic of a diamond shape. You don’t want to choose a frame for womens glasses Canada that will make your face look boxy. Instead, choose cat-eyed or oval frames to highlight delicate features on your face. 

Oblong or Oval Shape

A longer face and wide cheekbones are striking features of an oblong or oval face shape. You can choose geometric frames for your face shape. Choose a frame that is broader than the widest part of your face. However, overly large frames may hide your natural face shape. 

Womens Glasses Canada

Heart-Shaped Face 

A rounder forehead and narrow chin are what make up the heart-shaped face. You have softness and sharpness on different parts of your face. To balance this out, you can choose sunglasses with square frames that have curves. This will balance your features effectively. 

Choosing the right frames as per your face shape can make you look younger and more youthful. It can hide features that you feel conscious about and highlight features that make you look elegant. 

To choose the right frame for womens glasses Canada, you can check out our collection. At UV Boutique, we believe in providing high-quality frames that are stylish and suit your face perfectly. 

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