Are you going to get your first pair of new eye glasses Winnipeg? If so, you might be anxious as you would want to get it right on the first attempt. 

Your prescription eye glasses must be made with precision to give the clearest and most accurate vision. One of the important factors to determine the clarity of your eyeglasses is the Pupillary Distance (PD) of your eyes. 

Pupillary Distance: What is it?

The distance between your eye pupils is known as Pupillary Distance. This distance must be measured to ensure precise construction of your eye glasses for clear vision. Pupillary Distance ensures the optical centre of your eye glasses is in perfect alignment with the centre of your eye pupil.

Pupillary Distance

Measured in millimetres (mm), the average pupillary distance for an adult is 63mm. However, it is best to measure your pupillary distance before you get your eye glasses.  

Usually, men have a PD between 53 mm and 77 mm. whereas women have a PD between 51 mm and 74.5 mm. 

Types of Pupillary Distance 

  • Monocular PD
  • If you are getting progressive glasses, measuring monocular PD will be critical. The distance between the middle of the bridge of the nose and the centre of your eye pupil is monocular PD. 

  • Binocular PD
  • The distance between the centres of your two eye pupils is binocular PD. Binocular PD can also be calculated by adding monocular PD of each eye. 

    Steps of Measure Your PD

    When you go for an eye exam, your optometrist will measure the PD using highly precise equipment known as Pupilometer. 

    However, if you are buying prescription safety glasses Edmonton online, you need to know your PD. And it is extremely easy for you to measure your PD on your own. Just get a millimetre ruler and a mirror. Here are the steps. 

    Pupillary Distance

    • Stand 12 inches away from the mirror. 
    • Place your ruler above your eyes just below the eyebrows. Place it flat. 
    • Close your right eye similar to a wink. 
    • Use your left eye and focus the zero of the ruler to the centre of your left eye pupil. 
    • Don’t move the ruler and open your right eye while closing your left eye. 
    • Note the millimetre measurement at the centre of your right eye pupil. This is your binocular PD. 

    If you are getting reading glasses, subtract 3mm from your binocular PD to get your near PD. Repeat the above steps multiple times to ensure you get a consistent result. 

    Note: Always remember that using a DIY method to measure PD might not be accurate to the minutest measurement. It is usually advised to get your PD when you go for your eye exam. This will give you a precise result. 

    Wrap it Up

    Measuring your pupillary distance is critical to getting clear vision with your eyeglasses. If you already have your PD and eye prescription, you can visit us at UV Boutique. 

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    January 04, 2023 — UV Boutique