Have you decided to get new pair of eye glasses Vancouver? If so, what are you going to do with your old eye glasses? 

Are you going to throw it away or hoard it at your home? If so, let us give you a better idea to get rid of your old eyeglasses. 

Donate your old eyeglasses!

Yes, that’s right! You don’t need to throw away your old eyeglasses or hoard them in your house. Instead, you can donate them and help someone get a clear vision without spending a penny. 

Donate Your Eye Glasses

OneSight, an independent non-profit organization has stated that about 1 billion people around the world struggle with weak and unclear vision. They are also unable to get high-quality eyeglasses to get a clear vision. So, donating your old eye glasses will help such people gain sight. 

You can donate the following types of eyeglasses to organization that accept the donation.

  • Non-prescription reading glasses
  • Used prescription glasses which are in good condition
  • Glasses frames
  • New glasses

Once you have donated your eyeglasses to an organization, they will clean and inspect the eyeglasses. They will then match the prescription with someone who needs it but is unable to afford it. Most of the donated glasses are used by local, national, and global organizations during their eye care mission. 

In such missions, doctors provide free eye care services to ensure everyone gets a chance at clear and accurate vision. 

4 Organization That Accept Eye Glass Donations

  • OneSight
  • Helping people in 46 countries, OneSight is a non-profit organization accepting eye glasses as donations. Until now, the organization has helped more than 9 million people around the world by giving spectacles Montreal

    The organization is known to accept only new glasses as donations. But if you have old glasses, you can donate it to them, and they will send it to the Lions Club International for their recycling programs.

    Donate Your Eye Glasses

  • Lions Club International
  • If you directly want to donate your old glasses to Lions Club International, you can do so easily. The organization has a large network of collection boxes along with Lions Club Recycling programs. You can look up the nearest collection box on their website. 

    Once you have donated your old pair of glasses, they will either be used in eye care missions around the world or recycled. 

  • Goodwill
  • You can also donate new or gently used eye glasses to Goodwill. Find the nearest Goodwill on their website which accepts eye glass donations. Goodwill then transfers the collected eye glasses to another non-profit organization for use. 

  • Eyes of Hope
  • This is a VSP Global led non-profit organization where you can donate your new or gently used eyewear. Currently, they have already helped more than 2 million people with donated eyeglasses. 

    Wrap it Up

    Once you have donated your old eye glasses, you can now get new eyeglasses with your latest prescription. And you can visit our online glasses store Vancouver, UV Boutique. 

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    January 04, 2023 — Barrie Web SEO