Whether you need eye glasses Winnipeg to correct your vision or to protect your eyes from blue light rays, you must always wear a trendy style, making you look fashionable. There are several types of frames available in the market. However, a few frames will always keep you on point with the latest trends

At UV Boutique, we provide a wide range of eye glasses Winnipeg frames that are based on the latest fashion trends around the world. All our eyeglass frames are made of robust materials to ensure you don’t break them easily. 

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Our experts suggest buying the following eyeglass frames if you want to buy your first frame or change your existing one. 

Wire Eyeglass Frames

If you have a lighter eyeglass prescription, you can choose to go for wired eyeglass frames. These wired frames can hold thin glass effectively while giving you a stylish look. When worn in golden or metallic colour, it gives the illusion of not wearing any eye glasses Winnipeg at all. 

However, with a stronger eyeglass prescription, there might be better choices than this frame style. 

Cat Eye Frames

If you are looking for an eyeglass frame that is timeless and suits you irrespective of your face shape, cat-eye frames will be the best choice. These eye frames sit comfortably on your face and provide sharp angles to make your face look slender. Cat-eye frames are known to give a fashionable look without too much effort. 

Round Frames

If you have a square face shape, you might want to add some softness and elegance. Round frames can help you achieve this goal. These eye glasses Winnipeg frames look good, especially on women. It gives an elegant and directional look to a woman’s face. Just add a little bit of confidence while you wear round frames, and you will certainly make an impression on others. 

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Square Retro Frames

This 1970s look is making a strong comeback in the fashion world. So, if you are looking to stun people around you, make sure to buy square retro frames. Unlike round frames that add softness to your face, square retro frames add sharpness and angle to your face. You get a more sophisticated look with these frames. 

These are just a few stylish frames you can look out for. Additionally, you can also get clear eyeglasses, eco-friendly eyeglasses, and more. 

At UV Boutique, you can find them all! We offer you a wide range of eye glasses Winnipeg for you to choose from. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry as opticians, we make sure to deliver high-quality prescription eyeglasses in the region. 

Check out our collection now to place your order.

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