Do you work in an industry that requires you to wear protective equipment such as safety glasses? Do you have an eye prescription and are wondering how you can wear safety glasses? In such a case, you can always look for prescription safety glasses Edmonton.

Prescription safety glasses combine the benefits of prescription glasses and safety glasses in one making it easier for people to use to protect their eyes in working conditions. When you are buying prescription safety glasses, here’s what you should look for.

Must meet the standards

Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses must meet the CSA Standard or ANSI standard. 

For the CSA standard, the prescription safety glasses must have CAN/CSA-Z94.3-92 written on the lens. To meet the ANSI standard, the glasses must have Z87.1-1989 written on the temple. If you find these standards inscribed on the glasses, they are safe to buy and will provide you with the required protection. 


Not all prescription safety eye glasses Winnipeg are made the same. And to differentiate between good quality and bad quality prescription safety glasses, you must look at its lens technology. You must be able to see the logo of the manufacturer printed on the lenses. 

Moreover, your prescription safety glasses must have thick lenses to ensure they can take the impact. To ensure the thickness is right, make sure the thinnest part of your lens is at least 3 mm thick. This will ensure the prescription safety glasses are perfect to use. 

Side shields

The whole point of wearing prescription safety glasses is to protect your eyes from all angles including the sides. Hence, make sure the prescription safety glasses you choose have side shields. If you wear these glasses only at the job, find the ones that have permanent side shields installed. This will ensure your eyes are always protected at your job. 

Your Employer Must Provide You With Prescription Safety Glasses

Although it is good to know the things to look for while buying prescription safety glasses independently, it is technically your employer’s responsibility to provide you with them. 

Prescription Safety Glasses

Employers must conduct thorough research of the workplace to ensure which areas and employees need safety glasses. Moreover, they must determine which employees need prescription safety glasses. This way they can get them customized from a reputable eyewear store. 

Wrap it Up

Prescription safety glasses are highly important for those who work in a hazardous work environment and need a prescription to see clearly. Knowing your eye glasses meet the standards, and have the right lens thickness and side shields can ensure your eyes are protected in your workplace. 

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March 29, 2023 — UV Boutique