Are you invited to a family or friendly occasion such as a cocktail party or a wedding? Do you wear prescription cat eye glasses frames? If so, you might be wondering how you should pair your eyeglasses with your outfit. Don’t worry! We have got your back. In this blog post, we will take a quick look at different ways to style cat eyeglasses effectively with the type of occasion you are attending. 


Weddings are all about fun colours, elegance, joy, and happiness. Hence, you can pair your outfit with cat eyeglasses in playful colours such as soft pink, lilac, and more. If it is a morning ceremony, you can choose soft pink frames, and if it’s an evening ceremony, go with lilac colour. 

Cocktail Party

Whether it is a couple of friends or a social affair, you would definitely pick your little black dress. And you can pair it with some dark hues of cat eyeglasses frames. Dark-coloured cat eyeglasses will give you a sleek and sophisticated look. However, if you are choosing an elegant and chic body-hugging dress, you can choose half-rimmed cat eye glasses Edmonton to catch the attention of people around you. Highlight your cat eyeglass frame by using a chain purse, and look fabulous. 

cat eyeglasses


Interviews are serious occasions. After all, you want to present your best self during the interview. You want to look the utmost professional, smart, and intellectual. You can choose a soft cat eyeglass frame in black colour. This will make you look serious, chic, and ladylike. It will also boost your confidence when you know you can see properly and look your best. If you want to look more serious, you can also choose rimless cat eyeglasses. Since they don’t have a frame, the attention will be on your facial expression and gestures. Wear them only when you are highly confident about getting the job. 

Dinner Party

You will be invited to different types of dinner parties. And you want to look different at each type of dinner party. For example, if you are going to a professional dinner party, you don’t want to catch too much attention but still want to stand out. If you are choosing a neutral outfit, you can pair it with clear-frame cat eyeglasses. Subtleness can help you stand out without being too loud. If you are going to an informal dinner party with your family or friends, tortoiseshell cat eyeglasses are a perfect choice. To keep the attention of viewers on your glass frames, make sure to have a minimalistic look. 

Romantic Dates

Whether you are going on your first date with someone or going out on a romantic date with your partner, the pressure is high to look your best and attractive self. 

cat eyeglasses

You can always wear sharp and half-rimmed cat eyeglasses frames. These fierce cat eyeglasses will bring out the best of your eyes and will make the guy fall in love with you instantly. 

Wrapping it Up

As you can see, cat eye glasses Calgary can be a perfect pair of eyeglasses for so many different occasions. 

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March 10, 2023 — UV Boutique