Have you been wearing prescription eye glasses Calgary to correct your vision? If so, you might already know how important they are for you to perform your daily tasks. 

Hence, having the right prescription is critical for you and your eyesight. However, over time your prescription may change. And there are several signs and symptoms for the same. Keep reading to know more. 

Are you squinting a lot?

If you have answered yes to this question, chances are you need to get a new prescription. When you squint, less light enters your eyes. This gives better vision temporarily. However, this won't happen if you are wearing the right prescription. 

But if you have been squinting while wearing glasses, get your prescription checked. If you squint more in the night, you must immediately book an eye exam. 

Blurred Vision

Have you been experiencing blurred vision even when you wear glasses? If so, you need to change your prescription. Hazy and blurred vision around the edges of your eye glasses indicates you must book an appointment with the optometrist to change your prescription. 

Increased sensitivity to light

Do you squint your eyes when exposed to bright light from the sun or indoors? If so, you might need a new prescription. Increased light sensitivity causing you to squint your eyes, cover your eyes or even shut them off is a major sign to book an appointment with your optometrist. 

Apart from a change in prescription, increased light sensitivity can also indicate that your eyes are working overtime, they may have an infection or any other underlying eye issue.

Tired eyes

If you feel your eyes are heavily tired, there might be a chance you need a new prescription. However, other reasons can make your eyes tired. For example, not getting enough sleep, medical conditions, allergies, or focusing on one object for too long such as your computer. 

However, these other reasons will make eyes tired only for a short time. If the tiredness continues, you must get new prescription spectacles Toronto right away. 

Frequent Headaches

Wearing the wrong or older prescription will cause eye strain thus giving you headaches. If you are getting frequent headaches, you must change your prescription. 

Constant eye strain may also result in irritated or sore eyes, difficulty focusing, double vision, increased sensitivity to light, and watery or dry eyes. If not corrected, the eye strain will result in more headaches. Avoid this situation by getting a new prescription.

Trouble cleaning eye glasses

Does your eye glass have a special coating such as UV protection, blue light, scratch resistance, or dust repellent? If so, over time you might start having trouble cleaning eye glasses.

Over time these coatings deteriorate and leave behind film creating blurry vision. It also makes it difficult to clean the eye glasses. In this case, you must get a new prescription.

Scratched Lenses

When your glasses get old, they might have several scratches. These scratches can affect your vision. They can cause blurry or hazy vision and thus cause eye strain.

Hence, you must get new prescription eye glasses right away.

Out of fashion

While this might be the least important reason to change your prescription, it is still a valid one. If you haven’t changed your prescription eye glasses for a long time, you might be out of fashion. To stay on trend, you can get eye glasses in the latest trendy frames.

Wrap it Up

Wearing the right prescription eye glasses is critical to having correct vision. The wrong prescription will deteriorate your vision due to eye strain and other symptoms. Knowing and identifying these signs will help you in the long run. 

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