Did you just get your new pair of prescription eye glasses Toronto? Are you finding it difficult to adjust to the new pair of eye glasses? 

If so, you are not alone! Whether this is your first pair of prescription eye glasses or a second pair of prescription eye glasses, it takes some time to adjust to the new pair. 

Usually, it might take you 2-4 days to adjust to the new pair of eye glasses. For some, this duration could be a week. However, if it has been more than a week and you are struggling to adjust to the new pair of eye glasses, you must get in touch with your optometrist. 

To make it easier for you to adjust to your new pair of glasses, here are a few tips. 

Buy a suitable frame

When you are buying new prescription eye glasses, the first step is to choose a suitable frame. And this not only means choosing a frame that suits your face shape, but this also means having a well-fitted frame. 

Having a well-fitted frame will fit your temple perfectly and give you accurate vision. Remember that your vision doesn’t just depend on your prescription. Not having a well-fitted frame might also affect your vision. 

Slowly increase your time wearing glasses

Your brain and eyes aren’t used to wearing prescription eye glasses. Hence, you must give them enough time to adjust to the new setting. Hence, you must wear your eye glasses every day. 

Start by wearing your new eye glasses for 2-3 hours a day. Slowly increase the time to wear your glasses for the whole day. Use your glasses when doing daily chores such as reading, office work, and more. 

Don’t wear old eye glasses

Since your brain and eyes are learning to adjust to the new prescription eye glasses Edmonton, you mustn’t wear your old glasses. This will affect your sight and increase the time it will take to adjust to the new pair of glasses. 

The only reason you might want to keep your old glasses around is for their frame. If they are in good condition, you can use them to fit new prescription lenses. 

Keep your eye glasses clean

Dirty glasses will give you blurry and hazy vision. And you certainly don’t want that! Hence, you must always keep your eye glasses clean. Keep them in case when not in use. 

Use a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution to remove any dirt or dust from the eye glasses. You can read our previous blog on how to take care of your eye glasses to know more. 

Take breaks

When you are adjusting to the new pair of eye glasses, you must remember to take short breaks while working on digital devices. Use the 20:20 rule. Take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. Try to look at an object 20 feet away. Do simple exercises. 

Use specialized coating on eye glasses

To ensure you get perfect vision, use eye glasses with specialized coating. For example, to protect your eyes from UV rays, use eye glasses with a UV protection layer. Similarly, get a specialized coating for reflections, blue light from electronic devices, and more. 

Get your prescription checked

If you still have difficulty adjusting to the new pair of eye glasses, get your prescription checked. It mustn’t take more than a week to adjust to the new pair of eye glasses. 

The wrong prescription will deteriorate your vision more and might give you headaches and blurry vision. 

Wrap it Up

Prescription eye glasses are essential to have correct vision. However, it might take some time to adjust to the new pair of eye glasses. Following these tips can help speed up the process. 

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