Did you just pick up your brand-new prescription eye glasses Winnipeg? If so, you might be excited to finally start seeing clearly. 

Prescription glasses are important to correct your vision over time. And these are one of those things you need to carry everywhere you go. Moreover, you might have put some effort into choosing the right frame and colour for your prescription eye glasses along with money. 

Now, do you want to invest the same amount of time and money again into choosing new prescription eye glasses? Of course not! 

Hence, you must take care of your prescription glasses. And here are a few tips that can help you take care of prescription eye glasses efficiently. 

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  • Place Your Glasses Carefully

There might be times when you might want to place your glasses down. While you do that, make sure to place them correctly. To avoid your glasses from chipping, lay them down on their side arms. This way, it can stay in its place without damage. 

  • Store in the Case

Sometimes you might place your glasses on the nearest thing you find. It can be a table, couch, bathroom sink, and more. However, this can risk damage, such as being bent, scratched, or broken. To avoid this from happening, always store your eyeglasses in their case. You can use rigid or microfiber pouches to store and protect your glasses. 

  • Rinse

To clean your glasses, you can use lukewarm water to rinse any dirt or dust. Or you can also use a cleaning solution provided by the optician. This will help you keep your eyeglasses clean and ready to use. 

  • Use Specialized Cloth

Once you have rinsed with lukewarm water or cleaning solution, you need to use the right cloth to wipe the surface. Now, most people make the mistake of using napkins, paper towels, or tissues to wipe the surface. However, this can lead to scratches deteriorating the clarity of your eyeglasses. 

Instead, you should always use a microfiber cloth provided with your glasses. This cloth is specifically made to wipe the glass surface without causing any damage. 

  • Firm Grip

Most people hold their glasses from the side arms while cleaning them. This might cause it to bend and start looking funny when you wear it. Moreover, it will affect the way you see things. To avoid this from happening, you must always hold your prescription safety glasses Edmonton or sunglasses or regular prescription glasses from the nosepiece. This will prevent it from bending. 

  • Don’t Put Your Glasses On Your Head

Your head is usually wider than your face. And putting your glasses on your head will stretch its arms, making them lose. Hence, don’t put your glasses on your head. Instead, either store them in the case or get a strap to wear around your neck when not in use. 

  • Use Both Hands

When you want to remove your glasses, make sure you use both hands to remove them. Using only one hand to remove your glasses may cause misalignment. It might also lead to the breaking of your glasses. So, always use both hands to remove your glasses. 

  • Readjust

Using your glasses for a long time may cause a little wear and tear, such as screw getting loose. Hence, you must get them tightened and readjusted to make it easy for you to wear them. 

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Wrap it Up

Wearing prescription eyeglasses is critical to getting correct vision. Hence, you must always take care of your glasses to ensure they stay in good condition. 

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